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ISO 9001 sets out the requirements and criteria to be followed in order to account for the quality of the service or commodity, without specifying whether those practices are necessary (an organization should describe the operational conditions optimally). ISO 9001 includes seven main requirements that must be understood and implemented, as well as a number of sub-clauses. Speak to our IQC ISO Pros team today in Knoxville, Tennessee (TN) for ISO 9001 certification assistance.


ISO 45001

ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management System is a means of addressing problems that protect staff and key partners from injuries and danger. It protects employees from ill-health, aggravated or compounded by jobs, and accidents incurred by incidents. It also plays a crucial role in ensuring the protection of visitors at your home, such as clients. Improving the Health and Safety Infrastructure to the level specified by ISO 45001 helps you to anticipate, track and comply with health and safety hazard regulations. By doing that, decreases the probability of litigation improves competition and provides trust to your clients. At IQC The ISO Pros in Knoxville, Tennessee (TN), we’re going to help develop a custom QMS and provide instruction.

How could ISO 45001 help to grow my business?

Income is also one of the aspects that accident or work-related illness can cost your company. Inestimable damage to your reputation can only be incurred by one incident. As a consequence, millions of days are lost to bad health each year, resulting in a significant loss of productivity. The ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management Framework has been created to help you reduce these risks and their associated costs.

By benchmarking current procedures and activities against ISO 45001 certification requirements, you would be able to protect the company within weeks. Internationally recognized, ISO 45001 is also the minimum level required to comply with the tender requirements and to demonstrate commitment to the protection and best practice of employees. Your public and private sector clients will be delighted with your ISO 45001 credential since it clearly indicates that you are a forward-looking company that mitigates risks and complies with regulations.

ISO 27001

We live in a new age, and no organization should afford to ignore the importance of sound information security management. Risks range from malware assaults to hacking market information. Customers rely on the service company to ensure that the information they submit to the agency is kept safe. Any abuse of business information security also puts consumers at risk. ISO 27001 of 2013, which replaced the 2005 version, is an international requirement that provides the framework for the implementation and management of the Information Protection Management System (ISMS) to reduce and protect against those risks. IQC The ISO Pros of Knoxville, Tennessee (TN) knows what it means to be certified to stop them.

The International Organization for Standardization and the International Electro-Technical Commission have cooperated with the development of the specification through a subcommittee. A company may not need to be accredited, but it is advisable to do so. Certification will be carried out by an authorized and independent certification body. The norm is made up of 10 parts and an appendix. The first part deals with the scope, the second with the analogy, and the third with the re-use of terms and definitions, while the fourth part deals with corporate sense and stakeholders.

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