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ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international specification that lays down the specifications of the quality management system (QMS). Certified ISO 9001 organizations show their clients that they are constantly dedicated to delivering goods and services that fulfill satisfying criteria. ISO 9001 is a helpful method for properly managing the QMS. When ISO 9001 is accredited in Memphis, Tennessee (TN), our IQC The ISO Pros of Tennessee (TN) team will be happy to assist you with the organization’s training and certification.


It can be difficult to move to a completely new platform or to change the current system to meet the requirements. Essentially, the approach is really worthwhile and encourages the organization to provide more power and ensure that projects are ultimately accomplished. The QMS will run smoothly until it is put into operation.

The general morality of the workers should be changed in the light of their tasks. Accurate and dedicated service is provided and ensures that consumers comply with certain universal requirements. If there is a requirement to manage records and documentation, it would make it easy for everyone to keep information to guarantee that all staff is responsible. It ensures consistency in order to maintain a reliable record-keeping process in the industry.

ISO 20000

The certification of ISO 20000 and the accompanying logo provide competitive market advantages. For example, a number of public sector organizations are mandating compliance with ISO 20000 as a procurement standard. Working in accordance with ISO 20000 principles and best practices in the management of services offers an internal benefit to the industry, as the standard is to provide consumers with the most consistent service.

In addition, the decision to apply for ISO 20000 qualification sets a specific target for the company and allows it to concentrate the minds. The ISO 20000 credential initiative is also a competitive way of starting the service of quality standards in the management of services and ensuring good rewards.


CMMI includes a 5-level model for the management of the maturity process. It was established by the CMMI Institute in the field of equipment and software engineering. It is a list of best practices in this industry that should be considered an evidence source since it supports the approach of self-assessment and process development. When you get CMMI accredited in Memphis, we provide the preparation and certification of the company.

How’s the CMMI different from the ISO?

CMMI is static and applies mostly to software-intensive program management organizations. ISO is flexible and essential for all modes of manufacturing. CMMI focuses on project management and engineering systems, while ISO emphasis is more general. CMMI includes standardized and specific processes, and companies must choose between 22 methods that address their company needs. In all companies, sectors, and fields, the ISO specifications are exactly the same.

CMMI integrates procedures that are integrated into the activity of companies to ensure that these systems are not subject to time limits and become part of the organizational culture. It is not clear whether or not compliance is of sufficient business value when ISO deals with compliance.

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